Day 32

We have form and function!:D

Our study area is just about done

Our study area is just about done

Kitchen – I really like the brown colour on the laminate:

Some images from the bedrooms:

And here are some images from the bathrooms:

On Saturday, we’ll be installing some more lighting and other peripherals like additional shelves and racks. We’ve also decided to get the walls re-plastered because we did quite a lot of hacking and patch-back work to run wires all over the place. Afraid if we don’t we might see bumpy surfaces.

Day 13 – Rest Day

Doesn’t look very different from when we were there two days ago, but most tiling work looks done – toilet floors and walls, and kitchen and yard floors. The toilets look somewhat smaller, but I’m hoping they look big again once the fittings and accessories go in. They’ve also put the foundation for the concrete counter at the yard, as well as the base for the kitchen cabinets.

Bright and Cheery

I was browsing through Apartment Therapy, keenly checking out a new post on an apartment makeover. I love the whole look of this place and their furniture pieces are incredible!  If I was living alone I’d definitely go for this look. I was also very excited to see that the featured a dining table looks just like the one we bought! These ladies’ table looks extendible and the chairs are a bit different. Nevertheless I take it as an approval of my good taste! Check it out here 🙂

Day 1

We went over to the condo to be kaypoh and check out what the workers had done so far. Surprised to see they’d done more than I expected. Quite a lot of stuff has been hacked out. Our kitchen looks like a tornado tore through it, and the common bathroom looks sadly bare.