Day 48 – Finally!

Yesterday was day 48. We had a handover with our ID and contractor. So happy everything is done, and under 60 days. Very impressive. There are some minor stuff that needs rectification – rusty hinge, accidental paint on laminate, etc so that will be fixed next week. Yesterday we took delivery of the first batch of things – stuff from Best Denki, our hanging laundry drying system, installation of curtains, and materials for me to fix up mosquito netting on our own.

Our fridge fits! Went through the door well and easy. The washing machine, on the other hand, was quite a challenge because of the tight space and the angle. The Best Denki boys got it in properly anyway and I’m glad that constant nightmare about whether the appliance would fit into their custom made slots is over.

The curtains arrived and were installed. I love the colour of the curtains for the hall. I think it looks soft and nice. The bedroom blackouts ok only lah – very standard grey / brown colours. The fact that the S-track is obvious is quite hideous, but we’ll live with it for now. To be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the workmanship or service from this company, though they were highly recommended. Then again, they were highly recommended because of their price. I most disliked that the installers did not get our ‘ok’ on the location of the tie-back hooks and had to relocate one of the hooks leaving an ugly hole on our brand new wall! 😦

A few weeks ago we got a couple of people in to give us quotation for installing insect screens at our windows. This isn’t so much to prevent insects from coming in as it is to prevent Miu from getting out! The quotes were really expensive, one $2,000 and the other $2,800. I found someone who supplies material for people to do it themselves – from the demo video it looks very easy. So I purchased material and will attempt to install this magnetic insect screen at yard and kitchen first. If it looks good and proves to be easy enough to install, I will then purchase material for other windows. Will write about it later.

Here are some pictures of our kitchen. We couldn’t agree on white / warm white lights. But since I went to buy so many bulbs to try and will most likely be using the kitchen more, I got the upperhand in deciding that we shall have warm white lights in the kitchen.

I shall post a series of before and after pics in a few days when the furniture arrives!



We almost forgot about looking around for a window dresser. We did set aside a budget for it much earlier on but in the flurry of activities forgot to plan for it until last weekend. Did some research on the net to get an idea of what kind of costs to expect. Visited one curtain maker in Joo Chiat and another in Tiong Bahru. Both their quotes were lower than we had budgeted for, and close to what we’d read in forums and blogsites. Today we confirmed our order with the one in Tiong Bahru (D’Zander). Chose some pretty linens with safe, neutral colours – black-outs (or ‘dim-outs’ as they call it here) for the two rooms and regular curtains for the living hall.

Safe curtain colours

Safe curtain colours

I really wanted blinds, though. Maybe I can still get it for the small kitchen window. Teehee.