Gosh it’s been so long since I logged in to post something here. We’ve been so busy settling in – organising and reorganising – and getting used to new routines. I’m still going to load up before and after pics but I’ll have to wait till we’re finally clear of boxes and clutter and for a couple more items to be delivered.

Speaking of stuff that still needs to be delivered, we went around looking for a book cum display shelf and a small coffee table over the weekend. We were trying to find something not so brown and not so boring – because honestly, we think the house currently has an ‘old soul’. Naturally the pieces we were drawn to were (again) brown and safe. But we visited Air’s flagship boutique and found some items on clearance price. After about 45 mins of contemplation and discussion, we went out on a limb and bought some rather bizzare looking furniture. Well, ‘bizzare’, for our conservative taste.

Can’t wait for them to be sent over! I really hope they fit in.