Our Suppliers

Here is a list of places we shopped at for furniture and fixtures and fittings. You can click on the headers to visit their webpages.

Home Matters ID   We shopped around for IDs for over three months, met at least 8 different IDs, some even 2-3 times and ultimately decided to work with Lisa Toh. A friend who renovated their flat over a year ago had recommended her to us and told us her workmanship was good, she was reliable and kept to her work schedule. Her quotation was also one of the lowest we got, almost 50% less than the highest quote we received. So far we find her very organised and reliable.

Adamas   We did the whole Balestier strip when looking around for bathroom fittings (and lights). For bathroom accessories and fittings, most of the prices are competitive amongst shops retailing similar items. We were really interested in packages for either Grohe and Hansgrohe bathroom fittings but got confused at some point because we got conflicting information about both. We walked into Adamas in Balestier and felt very comfortable with their service as they were informative, prices were affordable and they were flexible with their packages. Incidentally our ID works with them often and we ended up getting our stuff from their outlet in Jurong. By the way, they do sell kitchen appliances as well – mostly EF, Elba and Rinnai.

Lion City   A friend shared a ‘lobang’ with us on where to get electrical appliances for less – wholesalers who operate in small spaces but deal with many different brands. Lion City is one of them. After shopping around numerous places in Singapore to compare products, prices and packages, we ended up getting our hob and hood (Whirpool) and oven (Bosch) from Lion City because they carried the brands / products we wanted (some had one or the other) and offered us pretty good prices.
* p/s: They called less than two weeks prior to taking delivery of the items we put a deposit for to tell us the cooker hood we wanted is out of stock. Gasp. We picked a replacement from a different brand, but we were pretty disappointed because we thought putting a deposit earlier on means they would reserve the item for us.

lightings.com.sg   While looking for bathroom fittings in Balestier, we also dropped into some lighting shops to check out products and prices. Prices were very much higher than back home. After more research, Jalan Besar appeared to have just as many, if not more, lighting specialists. I found lightings.com.sg online (duh). It really helped that they had their prices displayed on their webpage. My visit to their showroom on Jalan Besar was also quite pleasant – spacious and a lot of simple lighting which I was looking for. I was first attended to by a salesman who seemed pretty disinterested in doing business with me and it’s fortunate that another really nice, friendly girl called Jess took over. We bought some lights from here, and some from another lighting shop which our ID brought us to.

Lorgan’s   I really love the furniture at Lorgan’s. Price is on the high side, but his workmanship is good. There’s not much you can see on his website, but this shop in Pasir Panjang has a lot of great pieces, some are refurbished 2nd hand furniture, some are new. Really worth going down to check out. It’ll be great if you actually catch Lorgan there because he’s friendly and can tell you a lot about the pieces he has on sale. We got our dining table from him.

Journey East   I found out about this place searching online for furniture shops. It’s located at Tan Boon Liat in Tiong Bahru building where many other furnishing retailers are. Their showroom has a few sections – one displaying restored, retro teak furniture, another selling furniture made from recycled wood and other materials, and another for outdoor furniture. I really like the stuff here and picked up a beautiful teak side table from here. I really liked a small round dining table made from recycled wood and old pipes with matching chairs, but the whole industrial feel was too much to agree on. I think this and Lorgan’s is a must visit if you are looking for unique pieces.

Castilla / Calia Italia   I’ve never liked leather sofas. I always thought they looked gaudy or don’t feel nice. I prefer fabric sofas. I also don’t like brown sofas because I think sofas should be nice and cheery. How (un)fortunate that I went against my instincts and sat on this brown leather sofa and thought it was the most comfortable sofa I’ve sat on, plus it has a high back. (Sofas these days place emphasis on aesthetics rather than functionality and comfort, and they all come with this backing that supports nothing from shoulder up. We like sofas that we can lean our heads back on because we’re lazy.) This Calia Italia sofa was just the right height, the right recline, and the right firmness so we put our money on this mafia looking thing. Out of convenience, we also bought the tv console that was displayed right in front of it.

Best Denki   No need for much introduction, but Best Denki is one of the biggest electronic retailers in Japan, and I think in Singapore as well. Nobody would believe how many times we went looking at fridges and washing machines and TVs before we took the plunge. We went to and through numerous sources asking for quotes and decided to purchase from Best Denki because they constantly carry out promotions which make their prices competitive and they have large showrooms for you to see the actual product to decide whether or not you like it. (Smaller retailers expect you to have carried out your research, or pick from their brochures / catalogues). Only thing I’d caution is that most sales staff are brand-attached, so they would be pushing a particular brand more than others. If you already know which brand you to buy, tell them straight, otherwise if your sales staff seems to be singing the praises of only one brand, ask if you could speak to his or her colleagues to get to know the other brand as well to make a fair assessment.

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