Other Note-worthy Stuff

A lot of time and a lot of research led to a lot of bus-sing around the island looking for ideas and inspiration, and hopefully, stuff to buy. Here’s a list of stuff I liked but hadn’t bought anything from (yet).

Room of Woods   I love the Danish / Scandinavian type of furniture and this Singaporean company makes some pretty good ones without the hefty Scandinavian price tag!

Mountain Teak   This place makes teak wood look not-aunty. Their teak is stained to look very classy and contemporary, and I really like their simple, functional designs.

Song Cho Kitchen Systems   This Japanese maker of kitchen cabinets and system is super impressive. They have all sorts of built-in features like retractable spice racks, hidden cling wrap or foil holders, rice dispensers, dish dyers with in built fans, and these really amazing sinks with state-of-the-art embossing like I’ve never seen before.  The whole kitchen may not look as nice as the European style kitchens, their functionality is unrivalled.  You can watch a video of Song Cho’s kitchen systems here.

Howards Storage World (Singapore)   If you like to sort, compartmentalise and organise, you’ll definitely want to spend some time and money here. They have really useful, cool, functional, practical and ingenious items here to organise your stuff and your home. LOVE IT.

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