Gosh it’s been so long since I logged in to post something here. We’ve been so busy settling in – organising and reorganising – and getting used to new routines. I’m still going to load up before and after pics but I’ll have to wait till we’re finally clear of boxes and clutter and for a couple more items to be delivered.

Speaking of stuff that still needs to be delivered, we went around looking for a book cum display shelf and a small coffee table over the weekend. We were trying to find something not so brown and not so boring – because honestly, we think the house currently has an ‘old soul’. Naturally the pieces we were drawn to were (again) brown and safe. But we visited Air’s flagship boutique and found some items on clearance price. After about 45 mins of contemplation and discussion, we went out on a limb and bought some rather bizzare looking furniture. Well, ‘bizzare’, for our conservative taste.

Can’t wait for them to be sent over! I really hope they fit in.

Day 48 – Finally!

Yesterday was day 48. We had a handover with our ID and contractor. So happy everything is done, and under 60 days. Very impressive. There are some minor stuff that needs rectification – rusty hinge, accidental paint on laminate, etc so that will be fixed next week. Yesterday we took delivery of the first batch of things – stuff from Best Denki, our hanging laundry drying system, installation of curtains, and materials for me to fix up mosquito netting on our own.

Our fridge fits! Went through the door well and easy. The washing machine, on the other hand, was quite a challenge because of the tight space and the angle. The Best Denki boys got it in properly anyway and I’m glad that constant nightmare about whether the appliance would fit into their custom made slots is over.

The curtains arrived and were installed. I love the colour of the curtains for the hall. I think it looks soft and nice. The bedroom blackouts ok only lah – very standard grey / brown colours. The fact that the S-track is obvious is quite hideous, but we’ll live with it for now. To be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the workmanship or service from this company, though they were highly recommended. Then again, they were highly recommended because of their price. I most disliked that the installers did not get our ‘ok’ on the location of the tie-back hooks and had to relocate one of the hooks leaving an ugly hole on our brand new wall! 😦

A few weeks ago we got a couple of people in to give us quotation for installing insect screens at our windows. This isn’t so much to prevent insects from coming in as it is to prevent Miu from getting out! The quotes were really expensive, one $2,000 and the other $2,800. I found someone who supplies material for people to do it themselves – from the demo video it looks very easy. So I purchased material and will attempt to install this magnetic insect screen at yard and kitchen first. If it looks good and proves to be easy enough to install, I will then purchase material for other windows. Will write about it later.

Here are some pictures of our kitchen. We couldn’t agree on white / warm white lights. But since I went to buy so many bulbs to try and will most likely be using the kitchen more, I got the upperhand in deciding that we shall have warm white lights in the kitchen.

I shall post a series of before and after pics in a few days when the furniture arrives!

Blessings in Disguise

In the last one and a half months we’ve had some hiccups. I have to say the disappointments all turned out to be blessings in disguise:

  • Cookerhood           We paid Lion City a deposit 2.5 months ahead of when we wanted our stuff – this was because I had my mind set on specific items and didn’t want to be told that they didn’t have stock later, when we actually needed them. Although I made the effort to plan ahead, just 4-5 days prior to taking delivery we were told the hood we wanted was not available. I was really sad because they were the only ones who sold the exact hood I wanted. I had to settle for something else – same performance specs but it turned out to be cheaper and more sleek-looking. The switch also forced our ID to relook into her kitchen cabinet design and realised that she’d done her drawings based on a 900mm hood, when it should be space for only a 600mm hood. Phew.
  • Fridge       In one of my previous posts I confessed to have been obsessing over how and if our fridge could pass through the kitchen doorway. The position of the fridge also made me worry about its ergonomic functionality standing in its designated space within our kitchen layout. Anyway, we came to a point where we were convinced that it would be best to see if we could change the fridge (even though Best Denki indicated on the receipt ‘NO EXCHANGE. NO REFUND’.) Eventually, not only did we manage to switch to a fridge which would certainly fit, it was on offer that weekend! So, although we had switched to a fridge with a slightly smaller capacity, we managed to get that PLUS a Karcher bagless vacuum cleaner PLUS a Pansonic microwave for the price of the original fridge we picked. WHEEE!
  • TV Console        The TV console was something we didn’t shop around for. We just picked the one that was sitting opposite the sofa we chose just because it looked nice and it was convenient. Today we got a call saying that the TV console would arrive only at the end of the month. We were really upset! We put a deposit for it in February, and then came back to make full payment and arrangements for delivery more than a month ahead to ensure nothing like this happens – but it happened. We were offered an alternative but the design was not what we liked at all. We made a trip to the shop at Park Mall after work to see what else they had, and someone gave the old uncle an earful – I felt bad for the uncle cos he ‘kanna’ from someone. We agreed to a refund arrangement if we found something else we liked better in another shop (Park Mall is a furniture mall) and went scouting around. Saw a few potential replacements and then we found one made of oak – right size, functional, nice colour and AT A DISCOUNT – 10% cheaper than our original choice. We honestly like this much better than the one we didn’t get in the end.

We have definitely learned that some set backs are just temporary, and are sometimes an opportunity to gain something more. We can either wallow in our discontent, or do something about it believing that something good can come out of a bad situation. 🙂

Day 44

Ah. It’s been so long since I posted anything. We went back home over the weekend to cast our votes at the country’s 13th General Elections. Anyway, there wasn’t much to be done the past week except plaster and paint the walls. Oh, they also finally installed the mirrors and the taps for the bathrooms and kitchen. We bought a hanging light for our kitchen but it doesn’t look so nice because the ceiling is kind of low. We need the get him to pull it higher and when he does, it wouldn’t really be ‘hanging’ anymore.  Nevermind la, use first.

A few photos of our place taken this evening. Will look nicer after they wash and clean the place on Friday.

No pictures of the hall and kitchen – will take some when we go next on Saturday. Wheeee.

Day 38

Aiya. We went to the house to see little had been done. I thought the glass backsplash in the kitchen and mirrors in the bathrooms would have been done, since the schedule said so, but none have been installed yet. The place was almost toxic with fumes from the wood lacquer used to make our wooden flooring shiny. It completely choked me and smut my eyes when I opened the bedroom door. There should have been a sign to say “Do not open!” instead of just a piece of masking tape draped across the doorway. Oh, my eyes!

The granite counter in the kitchen has been installed, and so has the solid surface in the bathrooms. I almost don’t remember choosing this colour and pattern of granite. But then again, maybe I did since options for natural, good quality Indian granite wasn’t that great, and I didn’t want the ‘popular’ black colour.

The marbly looking granite installed for our kitchen counter tops. Very shiny

The marbly looking granite installed for our kitchen counter tops. Very shiny

Vanilla coloured solid surface in our master bathroom, complete with a semi-recessed sink!

Vanilla coloured solid surface in our master bathroom, complete with a semi-recessed sink!

By the way, the ‘hole’ in the cabinetry is for Miu’s potty box. Ahem.

We will be heading home for the weekend, so the next time we see the place will be on Tuesday evening, when we come to check on the painting work.