Day 22

Painters started work today. Only one lone guy was there doing the base coat but he tells us there will be three persons doing the paintings over the next few days.

Paint Solo

Paint Solo

When we tell people we’ve been doing some thing or another which is ‘house’ related almost every weekend since October we are met in disbelief. Are there really that many things to do? Maybe not, but when you are unfamiliar and you have a budget to work within, you want to make sure you’ve considered all possible options to get the best you can possibly afford without spending more than you’d planned to – that’s what we’ve been doing.

The last couple of weeks we’ve been looking for bathroom accessories – mainly toiletries’ and towel racks. We don’t really like the glass corner shelves that people here commonly use, and then we prefer a straight shelf to one in the corner. Then we didn’t know if we should get chrome plated brass, or stainless steel; made in Europe or made in China; some were too deep, others too cheap looking and some just too expensive; some just didn’t look right and others too big for the space we had. So, we gave up for another day.

On the way to dinner we made a small detour to visit a neighbourhood shop that we remember sells toilet and kitchen fitting. Whaddaya know – we found the perfect ones! Shallow, sturdy, looked good, right size, just within our budget PLUS, a really nice sales girl. Miu seems to approve as well.

Miu showing approval for our new toiletries' baskets

Miu showing approval for our new toiletries’ baskets

We also saw some nice toilet / clothing hooks at the same place but we put off getting those for now.


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