I constantly daydream about what our place will look like once everything is put together. The sofa. The dining table. Curtains. Hanging lights. Wall lights. Fans. Kitchen floor. Kitchen wall. Appliances. Bed. Cupboards. Counter tops. Toilet tiles. Toilet bowls.

People keep asking us ‘what is the theme of your home?’, and we often respond with ‘huh?’ or say ‘no theme’. Actually I kind of think we do have a theme which we just don’t know how to describe or express. It’s a theme we have in our minds and secretly hope whatever we’ve purchased so far will piece together and realise into this mental picture we have. I do often think we’re going for the cosy and simple feel, maybe even slightly minimalist. But this article in Apartment Therapy tries to tell that cosy and minimalist are two entirely different approaches, which leads me back to the ‘huh?’ response all over again.


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