The Martha in me

Containers and compartments get me very excited. That’s because I really enjoy sorting and organising stuff. I’ve seen Howards Storage World from the outside several times but resisted the urge to go in, but now that we’re moving into our own place, I think the unnecessary has become very necessary. I’ve been in once for a quick browse but today I went in to spend as much time as I wanted to and felt the need to buy everything they had. Howards Storage Solution is close to heaven for anyone who likes to organise stuff.

I especially like Elfa – the ‘original and best storage system available today’, designed and manufactured in Sweden (did I hear someone say Ikea?). It’s super flexible and functional and can be amazingly used in any room in the house – bedroom wardrobes, bathrooms, laundry rooms, store rooms, study rooms, whatever room. With all sorts of components and accessories, it’s super customisable to whatever you really need.

The Elfa wall at Howard's that won me over

The Elfa wall at Howard’s that won me over

I asked for a catalogue with parts and prices, but they copied one for me with missing pages. So I have to go back to Howards Storage World again tomorrow (what a good excuse) and I found out they have three other branches apart from the one in Millenia Walk. Yippee!!!


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